Week 09 2023/2024 Football Pools Forecast

Welcome to Week 09 of our football Pools forecast! Last week, we didn’t have luck with coupon number 22, but we’re optimistic about our predictions for this week. Our main focus in this forecast is on Newcastle.

Let’s look back at a couple of examples from previous seasons to explain our reasoning. In Week 08 of the 2022/2023 season, Crystal Palace didn’t draw when they were on coupon number 6 away.

Week 08 2022/2023

6 Man City 4-2 Crystal P

However, in the following week, Week 09, they remained on coupon number 6 away and ended up drawing with Newcastle. What’s interesting is that in those weeks, the teams located 10 and 20 positions after Newcastle and Crystal Palace were Fleetwood and Mansfield, respectively.

Week 09 2022/2023

6 Newcastle 0-0 Crystal P xxx (draw)

26 Fleetwood 1-1 Wycombe xx(draw)

36 Doncaster 1-3 Mansfield

Similarly, in Week 08 of the 2023/2024 season, Brighton failed coupon number 3 at home.

Week 08 2023/2024

3 Brighton 1-3 Westham

In Week 09, Brighton is again on coupon number 3 at home, this time with Newcastle. And just like before, if we add 10 and 20 positions after their positions on the coupon, we get Fleetwood and Mansfield.

Week 09 2023/2024

3 Brighton –Newcastle

23 Charlton – Fleetwood

33 Mansfield – Bradford C

Based on these patterns from previous seasons, we anticipate a similar result this week. So, keep an eye on the matches involving Newcastle and Brighton, as they might hold some promising opportunities for your football Pools selections. Good luck!

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