Week 08 football pools forecast 2023

Welcome to the Week 08 forecast! Last week, the number 17 drew, just like we predicted. We’re excited for another great prediction this week.

Let’s talk about this week’s forecast using coupon number 28 and Portsmouth.
Week 05 2023

Portsmouth (draw)

28 xxxx(draw)

Week 06 2023

28 Portvale -Reading

So, for example, in week 06, there’s a team called PortVale playing at home on coupon number 28. In week 05, PortVale played against Barnsley but didn’t manage to get a draw. At the same time, in week 05, Portsmouth had a draw with Bristol R.

Week 05

Barnsley-Portvale (failed )

Portsmouth-Bristol R xxx(draw)

Moving to the next week, which is week 06, Bristol R and Barnsley played against each other and had a draw.

Week 06 2023

Bristol R -Barnsley xxx(draw)

In a similar way, during week 08, the team on coupon number 28 playing at home is Peterborough.
Week 08 2023

28 Peterborough-Derby
If we go back a week to week 07, Peterborough didn’t manage to get a draw with Northampton. Meanwhile, Portsmouth had another draw, this time with a team called Cheltenham.

Week 07 2023

Northampton-Peterborough (failed)

Portsmouth- Cheltenham (draw )

Now, in the upcoming week, which is week 08, the teams that Peterborough and Portsmouth played against in the previous weeks(week07) Northampton and Cheltenham, are going to play against each other.

Week 08


Based on what we’ve seen before, it’s expected that this match will end in a draw as well.

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