Week 06 2023/2024 Football Pools Forecast

Hey there! Welcome to the football pool forecast for week 06. Last time, we didn’t get our prediction right for coupon number 36, which was a bit disappointing. But no worries, this time we’re hoping for better luck!

Let’s talk about the 2022/2023 season, specifically week 25. In that week, there was a match between West Brom and Bristol C. This was the only time West Brom was placed under the bar, and they were up against Bristol C. The match didn’t end in a draw, and it was given the number 8.

Here’s what happened in that match:

Bristol C 0 – 2 West Brom

Now, here’s something interesting: if we add 8 (the coupon number of West Brom) and 7 together, we get 15. But even the match with the number 15 on the coupon didn’t end in a draw.

15 Sheff Utd – Coventry 3-1

Week 25, 2022/2023

8 Bristol C 0 – 2 West Brom

15 Sheff Utd – Coventry 3-1

Moving on, in the next week, which was week 26, Coventry (the team from coupon number 15 in week 25) played against Bristol C (the team that played against West Brom). This time, their match ended in a draw.

Week 26, 2022/2023:

  1. Blackpool 1 – 1 Sunderland (draw)
  2. Coventry 1 – 1 Bristol C (draw)

It’s interesting to note that Bristol C and Coventry were listed just below the coupon number for Sunderland.

Similarly, in week 05 of the 2023/2024 Season, West Brom was again placed under the first bar, and this time it didn’t draw with Blackburn.

2 Blackburn – West Brom 2-1

Adding number 2 (the coupon number of West Brom) to 7 gives us 9.

Coupon number 9 also failed to draw.

9 Stoke – Rotherham 4-1

Week 05, 2023/2024

2 Blackburn – West Brom 2-1

9 Stoke – Rotherham 4-1

Just like in weeks 25 and 26 of the 2022/2023 season, in the next week (week 06), Rotherham (the team from coupon number 9 in week 05) is playing against Blackburn (the team that played against West Brom). Interestingly, they are placed on a coupon number directly below that of Sunderland. We’re expecting a similar result this week.

Week 06 2023/2024

14 Preston – Sunderland

15 Rotherham- Blackburn

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