Week 05 2023/2024 Football Pools Forecast

Welcome to the Week 05 football pools forecast! We’ve done some analysis on past seasons, specifically the 2019/2020 seasons, and found some interesting patterns involving Rotherham and Milton KD.

In Week 09 of the 2021/2022 season, we noticed that Milton KD drew on coupon number 4 while playing away. Then, in Week 17 of the 2022/2023 season, when Rotherham was again on brown coupon number 9 away, Milton KD also drew, but this time on coupon number 20. This means that the coupon number position of Milton KD increased by 16 from the previous week.

Now, in the current week (Week 05), it’s the third time that Rotherham has been placed on coupon number 9 away during a brown week. Interestingly, Milton KD’s position has again increased by 16 and is now on coupon number 36.

Based on the patterns we observed in the previous two weeks, we can make an educated guess that coupon number 36 will likely result in a draw this week. So, keep an eye on that number when making your football pools selections. Good luck!

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