Week 02 2023 forecast

You are welcome to week 02 2023. Numbers 2 and 6 will give us one draw if we go by this forecast below:

Based on our analysis, we rely on Spirit FC, Bulls Academy, and Blacktown C as indicators for the forecast. During week 49 (brown week), Blacktown C occupied the first position at home (coupon number 1), while Spirit FC was in the fifth position at home (coupon number 5), which is the position of Blacktown C plus 4. In that week, Blacktown C and Spirit FC resulted in a single draw.

Week 49 2023

1 Blacktown C- Central Coast

5 Spirit Fc -Sutherland S 1-1 xx

Moving on to the following week, week 50 (blue week), Bulls Academy took the first position at home (the previous position of Blacktown C), and Blacktown C was placed fifth away (the position occupied by Spirit FC the previous week). Remarkably, Blacktown C and Bulls Academy produced another draw.

Week 50 2023

1 Bulls Academy- Sydney Fc Youth 1-1 xxx

5 Mt Druitt Town- Blacktown C

Similarly, in week 01 (another brown week), Blacktown C played at home in the second position (number 2), and Spirit FC was at home in the sixth position (number 6). Once again, they resulted in a single draw.

Week 01 2023

2 Blacktown C Sydney Fc

6 Spirit Fc -Sydney O 0-0 xxx

Looking ahead to week 02 (another blue week), we expect Bulls Academy to occupy the previous position of Blacktown C, and Blacktown C to be in the previous position of Spirit FC. Based on our analysis, we anticipate that Bulls Academy and Blacktown C will produce yet another draw in week 02.

Week 02 2023

2 Bulls Academy- Sydney O

6 Sutherland S- Blacktown C

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