Week 24 pools forecast 2022/2023

You are welcome to the week 24 football pools draw forecast. In this post, I will be highlighting, two sequences from the expert.

28 Hartlepool Newport Co

The pointer to this number is Dundee Utd and Livingston.

From the 2019/2020 season, any week that these two teams met, just look for Morecambe and Hartlepool on the same digits. then pick Hartlepool as your draw.

Week 23 2021/2022

Dundee Utd-Livingston

26 Portsmouth-Morecambe 2-0 and 36 Hartlepool-Scunthorpe 0-0 x

Week 05 2022/2023

Dundee Utd-Livingston

27 Peterboro-Morecambe 3-0 and 27 Hartlepool-Afc Wimbledon 0-0 x

Week 24 2022/2023

Livingston-Dundee Utd

18 Plymouth-Morecambe and 28 Hartlepool-Afc Newport Co


The pointer to this number is Fleetwood and Cambridge Utd and Dundee Utd on number 36 away and St Mirren on number 37. Blackburn must be on the color of the week, its opponent must have drawn on number 15, in any week of 6, that is the color of the week. then take Blackburn as your draw.

The last time these happened was on week 30 2021/2022.

Week 30 2021/2022

18 Fleetwood-Cambridge Utd, 36 Celtic-Dundee Utd, and 37 Dundee-St Mirren

6 Luton-Blackburn 0-0 xx

Week 26

15 Coventry- Luton xxx


Week 24 2021/2022

16 Fleetwood-Cambridge Utd, 36 Livingston-Dundee Utd, and 37 Motherwell-St Mirren

8 Norwich-Blackburn

Week 16

15 Sheff Utd- Norwich 2-2 xxx

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