You are welcome to the week 49 football pool forecast. I want to share a few things I observed from this week’s fixture to help you win the pools this week.

32 Sorrento-Cockburn C is our first match preview this week.

Currently, Sorrento is rank 5th, while Cockburn City holds 9th position.

Sorrento has been dominant in this fixture. In their 20 recent meetings, Sorrento has won 9 drawn 5, and lost 6 to Cockburn.

Looking at their current form, Sorrento is rated 50% and Cockburn rated 40%.

If we go by form and history Sorrento is more likely to win this match but looking at the past four weeks’ pools result, our App detected that the first letter of the team on number 47 minus 47 has not failed to draw.

If we go by this number 32 will draw this week.

Numbers 11 and 12 will give you one draw this week. From last season the appearance of Tiger on the fixtures. Take the Saturday and Sunday dates for one draw.

Week 48 pools forecast

You are welcome to the week 48 2022 pools forecast.

We’ve reviewed two(2) games and offered our verdict to give you a little extra help in winning this week. Here are the top six previews:

18 Werribee C- Langwarrin

Our first game this week is Werribee C and Langwarrin.

Teams Werribee City Langwarrin SC played so far 5 matches.
Werribee City won 3 direct matches. Langwarrin SC won 2 matches. 0 matches ended in a draw. On average in direct matches, both teams scored 3.20 goals per Match.

These two teams have played 11 games these season with both having 9 points each.

Werribee C has lost 6 games in a row, they will try their best to improve their current form this week from Langwarrin which has drawn most of their away games this season.

The bookies are giving this match to Langwarrin but our software is pointing this match as a draw.

Our software analyzed all the results so far from the pool fixtures this season on purple weeks. We discovered that the first letter on number 48 home plus number 7 has not failed to draw since week 32.

If we go by this, number 18 will end in a draw.

21 F Athena vs Armadale

Floreat Athena is going head to head with Armadale SC starting on 4 Jun 2022 at 07:00 UTC at Litis Stadium stadium, Perth city, Australia. The match is a part of the NPL, Western Australia.

Currently, Floreat Athena ranks 3rd, while Armadale SC holds 7th position.

With the odds of 1.75, the expected chance of winning is 57%, but this F Athena actually wins 86% of matches with these odds.

When the odds are 3.60 the expected chance of winning is 28%, but this Armadale actually wins 40% of matches with these odds.

Our software is pointing to this match as a draw.

We looked at the current pool fixtures from week 46 and observed that the first letter on number 27 away plus the date of play has not failed to draw when the first letter on the answer is letter A.