Brown and purple Keys

Congratulations to those that won with our brown three fixed draws last week!

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The brown Key

From week 37, on brown weeks only, The first letter of teams on number 13 and 29 away plus their position, answer to draw and the first letter of team on number 44 away to draw.


Week 37

13=>Gillingham=> G=7+13=20 xx

29=>Hibernian= H=8+29=37 xx

44=>Cowdenbeath C=3 xx

Week 41

13=>Coventry=>C=3+13=16 XX

29=>Cheltenham=C=3+29=32 XX

44=>Brechin B=2 XX

Week 45

13=>Sunshine C=>S=19+13=32 XX

29=>Werribee C=W=23+29=52 off coupon

44=>S hobarts S= 19 XX

Week 49

13=>E Frankfurt=>E=5+13=18 XX

29=Sturm Graz=S=19+29= 48 XX

44=>Girona G= 7 XX

The purple Key

From week 32, on purple weeks only, The first letter of teams on number 12, 24 and 27 away plus their position, answer to draw.


Week 32

12=>NOTT FOR=>N=14+12=26 XX

24=>BRADFORD C=B=2+24=26 XX

27=>MORECAMBE M=13+27=40 XX

Week 36

12=>BRENTFORD=>B=2+12=24 XX

24=>IPSWICH=I=9+24=33 XX

27=>AFC WIMBLEDON A=1+27=28 XX

Week 40

12=>MORTON=>M=13+12=25 XX

24=>STIRLING A=S=19+24=43 XX

27=>SASSUOLO S=19+27=46 XX

Week 44

12=>ESPANYOL=>E=5+12=17 XX

24=>B LEVERKUSEN=B=2+24=26XX

27=>B MGLADBACH=B=2+27=29 XX

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week 04 2019/2020 pools forecast

This is the first in this series, i love to start on a good note. This week(week 04 2019/2020 pools forecast), i want to quickly share with you some of my latest discovery in the football pools fixtures.

Did you know that number 42 has been an important number since week 02?
I noticed that the first letters ( from week 02) of teams on number 42 away has always been a brown number ( That is if we convert the first alphabet to numbers, the answer will give you a brown week. ).

  • week 02 2019=>42(away)=>Maitland=>M=13xx and 42 Failed
  • week 03 2019=>42(away)=>Adelaide City=>A=1xx and Failed

In the first two weeks, the first alphabet drew (that is week 02 and week 03)
I expect a similar result in week 04 and 05 to complete the sequence.

  • Week 04 2019=>42(away)=>Queen of South=>Q=17 
  • Week 05 2019=>42(away)=>Exeter=>E=5?

Since the first two weeks were a different season (Aussie), We should expect a different result, in this new season.
My tip is to take the number 42 and 17 this week for one draw this week.
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